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The Scumfrog Collection 2021

RCRDSHP is proud to host the digital collectibles of legendary DJ, Producer and Remix master The Scumfrog and his Collection 2021.

This stunning pack features track cards, artists cards and moment cards. Discover the unopened packs, or collect the individual cards. All you need to do to get your hands on this once in a lifetime collection is to create an account with RCRDSHP - no crypto required.

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The Scumfrog Drop

The initial drop from The Collection 2021 sold out in just under 5 minutes, and the assets from the drop are now available on the RCRDSHP market, many of them still at playfully affordable prices. No Crypto? No problem. All you need is a credit card or Apple Pay

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The Scumfrog Drop

The NFTs from The Scumfrog Collection 2021 are absolutely stunning, and they will drop on December 7th at 3 PM PST/6 PM EST. Create a profile on RCRDSHP to participate.

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Meet the Scumfrog

The Scumfrog and his collaborators streamed the entire movie from the Collection 2021 and discussed how it all came together, and exchanged experiences about today’s music industry. The chat was hosted on the RCRDSHP Twitch channel, and you can watch it here:

Watch the Twitch Video Here!